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Will London feel the ‘boomerang’ effect?

The continued weakness of sterling is having a real impact on the thousands of overseas workers who are based in London. When the pound dipped in value by around 20% immediately after the EU referendum last summer, it had a proportionate effect on the value of the money that non-UK workers repatriate to their native […]

Repairs may mean a rating windfall

So far, the Rating Revaluation has been mostly bad news for commercial property occupiers but a recent Supreme Court decision has provided some light relief (if you’ll pardon the pun). One of our clients was carrying out repairs to an office building at the time of the Valuation Date. In 2015, works to refurbish the […]

Your new flexible friends

Back in the 1970s, one of the UK’s first credit cards – Access – launched into the market with the claim that it was your ‘flexible friend’. There was no need to pay today; no need to use cash; it was a payment method that suited your needs. Many London landlords are now also projecting […]

We’re all going on a summer (rates) holiday

Londoners own more UK second homes than any other metropolitan population in the country. In the age of Airbnb, a great deal of these owners rent out their second homes when they are not using them. The very good news for them is that the Government’s Business Rates System is giving them collectively a windfall […]

The City isn’t just about finance

The prospect of financial institutions moving staff out of London as a consequence of a Brexit has raised concern about office demand – especially in the City. However, the reality is that the City’s principal reliance on banking and finance has been shifting steadily ever since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2009. After the […]

Is Luton London?

For Londoners, mention of the capital’s satellite airports can raise a wry smile. London Stansted, London Southend and London Luton may be names that are a useful orientation point for incoming visitors but the locations in question could hardly claim to be part of the metropolis. Although it has to be said that even Heathrow […]

Going south?

Apple’s decision to base its new 400,000 sq ft headquarters at the Battersea Power Station development was a massive boost for London’s office market south of the river. Many feel it will be the same pivotal moment as when Google committed to King’s Cross – a massive endorsement of a ‘new’ location and a catalyst […]

The London shopping experience

The business of providing people with ‘experiences’ is now an established market sector. For example, you can buy people a multitude of leisure ‘experiences’ from white-water rafting to driving Ferraris or you can visit permanent ‘experiences’ such as the Harry Potter studio tour. In the context of this thirst for experience, it is also interesting […]

Getting the digital river to flow

It’s a rather shocking statistic that in terms of overall broadband speeds, London ranks 26th out of 33 European capitals. Needless to say, access to high-speed broadband is critical to all London businesses but particularly to those in the digital and tech sectors. Interestingly, in the absence of a firm lead on the matter from […]

No room at the inn? Go east

The meteoric rise of Airbnb has been well-documented but in London its success must be, in part, due to the dwindling supply of new hotel rooms in the capital. For example, there are currently nearly 15,000 hotel rooms in 180+ hotels across of Kensington and Chelsea, but only 30 new bedrooms are expected to be […]