From alfresco dining to designer gyms, London truly is the centre of innovation. Explore the latest movement in this vibrant city.

Things are what they used to be

At the southern approach to the King’s Cross development, the giant birdcage art installation by artist, Jacques Rival, has now been augmented with an oversized playground swing. It’s not uncommon when you emerge from King’s Cross station to see ‘professional types’ joyously swinging back and forth while clearly tapping into feelings that have remained submerged […]

More stress for buy-to-let landlords

It’s not been an easy year or so for London’s ‘buy-to-let’ residential landlords. First they were clobbered by higher stamp duty applied to the purchase of buy-to-let homes, and soon investors who have four or more homes will be subject to a special ‘stress test’ scrutiny by mortgage lenders. From the end of this month, […]

Airbnb: becoming an unwanted guest?

Airbnb is a phenomenon which has changed our attitudes to finding accommodation for everything from a one-night business trip right through to a luxury fortnight in the Caribbean. But is it outstaying its welcome? That it’s been a huge success is incontrovertible. Last year, nights booked in London through Airbnb rose by 130% to 4.62m. […]

Industrial waste

Great cities are machines which need different components to function. Homes, offices, shops, schools, and places of leisure are all integral but so are the industrial estates where a myriad of processes are carried out which keep the city working. Everything from dry cleaning to panel beating and sandwich making happens in a city’s ‘industrial’ […]

House Me London!

Housing has risen up the agenda in recent years to become the most significant issue for those living in the capital. Londoners of all generations now expect the housing situation for future generations to worsen. Once the cost of housing is taken into account, 27% of Londoners live in poverty. The majority of these 1.2 […]

Are you up for some ‘competitive socialising’?

On the face of it, ‘competitive socialising’ sounds like a classic oxymoron. The idea of mixing a competitive attitude with a good night out seems like a recipe for friction. However, they are becoming as popular as they once were with card games, skittles, shove ha’penny, darts and dominos all once a large part of […]

It’s about the advice not the awards

At this time of year, awards ceremonies come thick and fast with Sunday’s Oscars being the culmination of the season of achievement acknowledgement. For the London restaurant business, the process of being rated and handed bouquets (or not) is pretty relentless. I’m pleased to say that for two consecutive weeks a Colliers deal was nominated […]

Healthy outlook for London’s gyms

After the excesses of the festive period, January always sees a wave of new gym memberships being taken out – even though some statistics suggest that only 1-in-5 ‘converts’ will use their gym for more than a month. In London, the gym scene has never been so diverse. There’s everything from the luxury offers with […]

St Giles: a new London quarter

A new and vibrant London quarter is emerging in London’s West End. Until comparatively recently, the area around the intersection of Oxford Street, Tottenham Court Road and Charing Cross Road was only known for CentrePoint – the iconic high-rise building around which the busy St Giles Circus traffic system flows. Rather than a destination in […]

Why buy new?

Every Wednesday, the Homes & Property section of  London’s Evening Standard newspaper bulges with adverts for new housing developments across the Capital and its surrounds. London’s appetite for homes is voracious and developers are doing their best to meet demand. But we live in a metropolis that has a huge diversity of homes of varying vintages going […]