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Saying goodbye to meat and drink?

For those who forswore the demon drink last month as part of the ‘Stoptober’ initiative, it’s possible that this new abstinent lifestyle may now leave them with a hankering for a healthier diet. If so they’ve picked a good time to look at the veggie and vegan dining options. Meat-free and dairy-free eating has always […]

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Given the phenomenal success of KFC and Nando’s, it’s always been something of a conundrum as to why there hasn’t been a greater proliferation of chicken-based dining offers. That is now changing – particularly in London – with a flock of new concepts. Despite the recent food processing health scare about the chlorine-washing of chickens, […]

Top 10 meals of 2016

Say what you will about 2016 (some call it ‘the worst in history’) but it was certainly a good year for London restaurants. Record numbers of new openings kept the eating interesting, while old favourites upped their game. Counting favourites on two hands wasn’t easy – but there here they are: my top meals of […]

American Restaurants London

America’s most wanted

Interesting reports in the last few weeks that US citizens have been renouncing their passports at record rates. Let’s hope some of the Trump-haters packing their bags are restaurateurs. We’ve got some fabulous opportunities for Uncle Sam’s finest. If you’re listening, America, here’s just a handful of the restaurants on my wish list:        Hipster […]

Coffee scene isn’t just about chains

There seems to be a common misapprehension that the coffee house scene is being dominated by the big chains that are excluding independent, up-and-coming operators. This is far from the truth. The rise of the coffee house in the UK has been phenomenal and no where is this more vivid than in London. Colliers has […]

Restaurant hotspot: SE1

Even before the spectacular £260m Tate Modern extension opened this summer, SE1 wasn’t short of cultural attractions. But outside of its markets – Borough, of course, and Druid Street – the area hasn’t had much of a food scene. Now, is that all about to change? With a streetscape dominated by office developments, Southwark has […]

Independent thinking

For restaurant start-ups, one of the most commonly held misconceptions about the commercial property world is that agents will only deal with the big players. In fact, quite the reverse is true (or should be) and here’s why… Central London landlords don’t want their estate to look exactly like everyone else’s. They don’t want identikit […]

10 picks for London Cocktail Week

When bars all over town start serving discounted drinks in a weeklong celebration of the cocktail, it’s hard to decide where to go – so I’ve done the legwork for you for this years London Cocktail Week. These top 10 drinks even come complete with nibbles. You’re welcome. Kick off the week in Broadgate Circle, […]

Keeping it in the families

Source Battersea has sold its lease at Ransome’s Dock to the owners of The Shed in Notting Hill and Rabbit in Chelsea. The site, which overlooks the river, is located off Parkgate Road, SW11 and was previously known as Ransome’s Dock Restaurant. It has always been a family-owned operation. Industry veterans Martin and Vanessa Lam […]

Hot in the City

Interesting pictures released this week of the Soho House & Co’s blockbusting new opening, slated for spring 2017 in the City. The club with the famous ‘no suits’ policy has chosen a 317,000sq ft Grade I-listed site above Bank tube station, former home to Midland Bank, to house The Ned, a 252-bedroom hotel and spa […]