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Holiday money

Not that long ago if you were heading off on holiday and were at an airport, port or train station with time to kill and money in your pocket, the options were fairly limited. There’d be a newsagent, tourist gift shop, some – often uninspiring cafés – and duty free if you were about to […]

A new style of shopping

The phrase retail maison sounds rather retro – like something from the Golden Age of French fashion when Coco Chanel, Christian Dior and Yves St Laurent reigned supreme. However, retail maison is actually a description of one of the latest innovations that is bringing the worlds of physical and digital shopping closer together. Matchesfashion.com – […]

The London shopping experience

The business of providing people with ‘experiences’ is now an established market sector. For example, you can buy people a multitude of leisure ‘experiences’ from white-water rafting to driving Ferraris or you can visit permanent ‘experiences’ such as the Harry Potter studio tour. In the context of this thirst for experience, it is also interesting […]

Trouble at the border?

At a time when so much is being debated across the world about the need to strengthen and even close national borders, we need to be very aware of what this trend could mean for the UK as a whole and particularly to London which benefits so much from overseas visitors. More than £15bn is […]

Oxford Street is full!

As I write this, there are no empty shops available to rent on Oxford Street . The mile-long London shopping street is quite literally full up. It’s another powerful indicator of the retailer demand for the capital’s prime shopping pitches. Pockets of new development on Oxford Street are bringing new opportunities for brands to get […]

Change keeps Carnaby stylish

This Thursday will see London’s legendary Carnaby Street attract thousands of shoppers to its annual ‘Carnaby Style Night’. Held in association with GQ, the event means that – for one night only – shoppers can enjoy 20% off at more than 100 shops, restaurants, bars and cafés on Carnaby and a dozen other surrounding streets. […]

Buying British

It’s official: Jermyn Street is London’s ‘most British’ shopping street. We thought it would be interesting to look at the ‘brand nationality’ of the capital’s prime shopping pitches and the resultant research made fascinating reading. Fewer than half of the shops in central London’s prime shopping streets are now occupied by British brands, but Jermyn Street […]

The price of luxury

When you browse the luxury shops of London, price tags are often not in evidence. Perhaps this is because it befits the discreet approach of these high-end retailers or maybe it’s because of the old adage: ‘If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it’. It’s hard not to be seduced by luxury […]

Getting physical

While online retailing has been seen as killing off High Street shops, an increasing number of retail offers that started life on the internet are now opening physical stores. In January, online design retailer, made.com, opened a flagship store in the heart of London’s West End. The 8,000 sq ft property on Charing Cross Road […]