Will London feel the ‘boomerang’ effect?

The continued weakness of sterling is having a real impact on the thousands of overseas workers who are based in London. When the pound dipped in value by around 20% immediately after the EU referendum last summer, it had a proportionate effect on the value of the money that non-UK workers repatriate to their native […]


Why did the chicken cross the road?

Given the phenomenal success of KFC and Nando’s, it’s always been something of a conundrum as to why there hasn’t been a greater proliferation of chicken-based dining offers. That is now changing – particularly in London – with a flock of new concepts. Despite the recent food processing health scare about the chlorine-washing of chickens, […]

Holiday money

Holiday money

Not that long ago if you were heading off on holiday and were at an airport, port or train station with time to kill and money in your pocket, the options were fairly limited. There’d be a newsagent, tourist gift shop, some – often uninspiring cafés – and duty free if you were about to […]