London sends SMS message to France

London sends SMS message to France

Next week, the worlds of retail and real estate converge on Cannes in the south of France for the massive MAPIC trade show. At the event a year ago, we were still getting over the shock of the EU Referendum result and how a ‘Brexit’ might impact London’s line-up of international retailers. Twelve months on, […]


Saying goodbye to meat and drink?

For those who forswore the demon drink last month as part of the ‘Stoptober’ initiative, it’s possible that this new abstinent lifestyle may now leave them with a hankering for a healthier diet. If so they’ve picked a good time to look at the veggie and vegan dining options. Meat-free and dairy-free eating has always […]


Things are what they used to be

At the southern approach to the King’s Cross development, the giant birdcage art installation by artist, Jacques Rival, has now been augmented with an oversized playground swing. It’s not uncommon when you emerge from King’s Cross station to see ‘professional types’ joyously swinging back and forth while clearly tapping into feelings that have remained submerged […]